Lacrosse is the oldest known sport played in North America. American Indians played this ball and stick game prior to Jesuit missionaries naming the sport in 1630. Although much has changed in Lacrosse in the past 500 years it remains one of Americas most exciting and competitive sports. A team sport in which 10 players take the field on each side.

Madeira Lacrosse Club formed two years ago and has been successful to bring this wonderful sport to our community, to teach and train boys and girls from grades third through eight the joys of the game. The teams build strong bonds and develop leadership skills that they will carry with them throughout their lives. We have enjoyed seeing the game expand from having two boys teams and a girls team as we are excited about the potential for growth to more teams based on the interest received in the community.

When is the Lacrosse Season?

Lacrosse is a Spring sport with practices beginning in March and games being played from March to May

Are there tryouts?

No, Lacrosse is open to all boys and girls from Kindergarten thru 8th grade. Excellent instruction will be provided to beginners and leadership roles will be given to the more experienced.

Will there be an opportunity for my child to try the sport before making the heavy investment in the equipment?

Yes, we will be holding two Lacrosse clinics this winter at the Madeira Elementry Gym.

What equipment will my child need?

Although the club will provide uniforms we ask participants to get their own equipment. This includes a stick, face mask, and mouthguard for girls and stick, helmet, pads and mouthguard for boys. We will assist those interested in getting second-hand equipment from older players who have outgrown theirs at a fair price.

Can my child play another spring sport?

Yes, in the past we have been able to accommodate multiple sport athletes and have been able to work thru schedule challenges. These types of topics should be communicated to your coach prior to the season start to talk thru any practice or game implications.

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